Enough talk, it’s time to stand up.

Life happens for us not to us. Or some variation of this has been quoted for the same reason. Our lives are dynamic and things happen regardless of whether we want them to or not. Being a single father, a business man, committing to a healthy life style, and trying to pushing my body and mind past the comfort zone, have all been literally reserving every seconds of my time.

I’ve been asked where I ran off to and why there hasn’t been any posts lately. Was there a changed in my mind? Am I now scared? Did I back down? Has this venture become too hard!?

An empathically “no” to each question or suggestion. Fear is a by product of little to no understanding. It’s impossible to back down when your “giving-up” gear is broken or possibly…. omitted from the design. A very fortunate mistake. Any new facts that have come to light by hindsight or further research are revealing that enough is and was enough from the beginning.

Many are now opening their minds to the suggestion that our fear of COVID was just a ploy. A cunning plan that we all, to some degree, sold into. We all were a part of allowing fear get the better of us.

There is no conspiracy theory, there is now sexy story or plot. There is no 1%, “Illuminati”, mastermind, corporation, or direct financial scheme. The fact is we all were a part of this. The fear of facing our own mortality stopped us from asking logical questions. The fear is still all around us and is still causing us to not look at this for what it really is.

During one of my many jobs in high school, I was hired to help haul hay. It was a hot Texas fall in the southern part of the Hill Country area. It was dusty, it was hot, our arms were tired from tossing hay and stacking it. Some of the guys started to complain about others not tossing the hay high or fast enough. The old rancher we were working for had had enough and gave some words of wisdom. “You know…” he said in a relaxed directive Texas tone. “Instead of bitch’n and being part of the problem, you can go be part of the solution”.

His message was loud and clear. It held true back then, and it holds true now. My life as of recent has gotten very hectic, as life often does for all of us. The more people I saw speaking out against the injustice, ill planning by our current leaders and experts, the clarity of logic and reason coming back to most people, the more I stepped away from this fight. If others were beginning to present the flaws behind the COVID status, then perhaps it was time for me to focus on my world. After all, it was becoming very taxing and frustrating trying to speak sense into others.

Alas, became a spectator was simply not for me. I now wake to my own call for action and the words from the old rancher ringing in my head. Stop complaining and do something. No more hiding only because we fear we might offend others. No more hiding only because we truly care to not make things worse. Things are worse! We are not offending others! If we remain in hiding we are actually allowing others to hurt themselves and to continue to promote fear!

No more! Enough is enough! Join me, let’s stand up together! There are many like us. Together we can do something! Alone we remain in isolation and continue to render our freedom to fear. Our illusion of safe is our prison. In order to break out of this prison all you need to do is stand up!

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