“Being alive is not the same thing as living”- Tom Woods

I stepped away from the virus issue as it had become very frustrating that few people are willing to explore the fact that we’ve all been lied to for the gains of the few who freak out just for the sake of freaking out and need justification for doing so. I’ve realized that it’s a lot like arguing politics with someone who has strongly identified with one side or the other. It’s like arguing religion with a very religious person. They have identified so strongly with their belief that they dig in despite being proved wrong. They simply say “we’ll just agree to disagree” and keep on their path even thought it does NOT serve them or those people around them.

Rather than waste more time and being unable to sleep with the frustration that sometimes we can not help everyone…

Here, listen to a rational person.

As Tom Woods puts it, “being a live is not the same as living“.

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