COVID Conformity.

We are all susceptible to conformity , especially when we feel a very strong sense of connection within a particular group. Conformity in the group is heightened in a particular setting that reinforces our feeling (e.g. healthcare workers in a hospital setting or cheering your home team at home surrounded by home team fans). Our need to belong is such a strong driving force that we go through great measures to protect our status within the group by heightening our feels and thus behaviors.  This is also true when our feelings and behaviors are not congruent by a measurable value, whether quantitative or qualitative. Often these behaviors will defy logic or rational thought.

This blog is about questioning everything, and allowing you, the reader, the opportunity to question your own thoughts, regardless of how difficult the conclusion(s) may be.

Think about how conformity is impacting the situation the world finds its self in. No one wants to be the “bad guy” or be wrong. So why is it that we have over looked the fact that only 0.0000065% of the total world population has died from COVID? Understanding that the international coding for classification of diagnosis is contributing to misdiagnosis has also been dismissed. Someone very dear to me who refused to post in my blog, for fear I may think differently about her or for fear that her view might be challanged in a platform that is not being censored, I assume… “It’s not a coding issue” she stated. I agreed but does the wording not cause this extremely small number to be bigger than what it really is I thought. The conflicting wording its self should be questioned. Why would we accept a presumption as valid truth? Especially if something was “so deadly”, shouldn’t we be investigating, questioning it, and demanding proper documentation rather than presuming it? Why would we need the CDC to confirm a diagnosis and than in the same paragraph clearly state that the CDC is no longer available for confirmation?

It’s also clear that “relief funds” are promoting rather than helping. In order to qualify for “funding” or payoff monies, clinics have to claim that an employee or patient has been “diagnosed” with COVID. Very few healthcare workers are willing to speak up about these truths as conformity has taken hold. Why would they tarnish their hard work, the years of schooling, the paycheck, their responsibility to keep people alive? “This thing is killing people” they exclaim, overlooking to the small death toll and the 95% survival death. “Healthy 30 year olds are dying” one said. Healthy people die but that is no reason to over simplify the cause of death. WE SHOULD understand why and understand that “healthy” is very much a relative term and that because one “healthy” person dies it does NOT mean that one case should be applied to everyone without valid, unbiased set of results.

Why would anyone of us sacrifice going against our group? Especially, when that group is suppose to protect our health. I am not suggesting that all healthcare providers feel this way nor that we shouldn’t trust their judgement. But I am suggesting that we shouldn’t follow their opinions without judgement or questioning. After all, malpractice is the 3 leading cause of death.

Again, why would anyone go against their professional group or any group they have invested so much time and effort in? Really, I’ve had many heated discussions with others that I truly love, admire, and adore.

The reason why I have chosen to stand up is for a simple fact. That having an abusive parent and being in fostercare, many would often ask me why? Why was I not like other kids who had gone though the same situation? The cycle of abuse is very well documented. I was often told by others that the best they could hope for is that “I didn’t beat my kids someday”. What a poor goal for anyone, don’t you think? I realized that in order to break the abusive cycle, we all need to say, “enough”! This stops with me, this stops with you, this stops with all of us! Look at the one number that can not be disputed, that is measurable, that is logical….0.0000065%!

How are we conforming? If we fear death so much, let’s focus more on living rather than death. Let’s conform to this fact rather than allowing questionable mandated practices to guide us.;_ylt=A2KIbZxsGw9frzsAdC5XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTE0ZWMzanNwBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQzAxNjJfMQRzZWMDcGl2cw–?p=conformity+experiment&fr2=piv-web&fr=mcafee#id=54&vid=d9878b61ab643247591d75142b52ac37&action=view

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  1. For what is is worth and probably won’t matter to you but your math is not correct. It is .00754%. As of today 588,036 have died and the earth’s population is 7,798,449,307. So you are off by 1160% but hey it is just numbers right not people? We are still in the first wave. The Spanish Flu had 4 waves over 2 years. I went from not knowing anyone that had it, to knowing people, then knowing people that went to the hospital and don’t remember it, and then……We won’t know the full effect of this even to those that survive for many years. It is the third leading cause of death in the US annualizing the number as of now. Unfortunately this is far from over.

    1. Thank you for the correction: 588,036/7,798,449,307= 0.0000754042216409, missing a few zeros in the comment (correction NOT PERCENT).

      I understand it’s a lot of zeros. Thank you for the insight, and encourage any corrections as it helps everyone see this thing for what it really is. diagnosis is highly questionable. Unfortunately and fortunately I wasn’t around the Spanish flu, I can only read about the history of it and death toll. Nevertheless it isn’t an opinion that we bounced back with a world population of 7.8 billion. IF we are just looking at numbers. If we are talking about emotions, those are very much based on the individual person’s experience and the story we tell ourselves. We know that making important decisions based on emotion rarely gives us a good outcome. We are very much a victim of this but, it should never be a deterrent to being better then we were yesterday.

      Thank you very much for commenting, your courage, insight and pointing out the numbers. Seems we both helped each other on this one. Thank you!

    2. Doug, you are absolutely right and I retract the %. I was wrong. Again, it’s such a small number (EXCEL said get the F out of here with this small #). I thank you because it did help me to realize my mistake. So I’ll put it in a easier to understand perspective of how small of a number that is. please check my math as well.
      If we were to take 7.79 billion and spread it across a Gregorian Calendar of 365 days. The number 588,036 would be equal 2.75 days right? 17.9 million have died from heart disease in 2017, how many days would that be on a calendar? Yes there are several factors but can we agree that poor diet and live style has cause this number to drastically go up? Are we closing down fast food and mandate people go exercise? Please also look at the math for the survival rate too (8,285,000 recovery vs 592,000 passed away).
      The number 588,036 (at the time) is also very questionable, did you read the ICD 10 coding? “Presumptive positive COVID-19 test results should be coded as confirmed”. Malpractice doesn’t exist either, right? A “relief” fund requiring healthcare professionals to claim COVID doesn’t present a conflict of interest either right? Especially if again “documentation is not needed”. Wouldn’t these factors make this death number questionable alone? Maybe not if autopsies were more rigid but have you looked at how relaxed they are all of a sudden “Healthcare professionals should use professional judgement to determine if a decedent had signs…whether postmortem testing is necessary” no mention of ruling our other causes of death. Of course documentation is not needed for such a “deadly” virus. We can study, question everything else but can’t question this virus.
      My knowledge is very limited to the Spanish Flu, but my understanding that it was a very scary situation for the world combined with the 1st war. YES, this was a scary time, no joke. BUT anyone born after should consider themselves lucky to have been born much later to see that the human race was able to bounce back. I have absolutely no doubt that our bodies are built for survival 7.79 billion would confirm this. Or will this virus put us right up there with the Panda?
      As for conformity, reread my post and there is no mention of conformity its self being a bad thing. Poor picture selection, AGREE the guy should have conformed! Fact is, I agree with you on everything you’ve stated and gladly stand corrected on my percentage mistake. I also looked at all of my post; there is no mention for others who choose to ware a mask, to stop. If so, I will gladly retract that as well. I am suggesting however, that it does convey fear, it should be my choice and not anyone else. I disagree that it will stop the spread for many factors but consider the following. According to TX Gov Mandate, Children under 10 or people who eat don’t carry any sickness right? We also know that everyone who wares them, wares them properly right? For a fact, have you ever worn one and still smelled odor? Guess what, those odor particles are much bigger than a virus. I’ve made great choices to make sure my body can do what it’s built to do. I use to live in fear once, I rather die than live in fear again. We know for a fact smoking kills, but we haven’t outlawed that yet right? But now if I don’t ware a mask, I’m the bad guy? If someone is worried…ware a mask, stay home, stay fearful. Its not my choice and NO ONE should be making that choice for me or my kids.
      I love talking history and hope you can also explain the effectiveness of the American population being isolated from the Europeans who had survived many illnesses around the early 1500’s. How did that work out?
      If we are alive today, it is because we have survived, our complex body systems allowed us to, but only if we have taken great care of them. NOT because we’ve weakened them. It’s not “survival of the fittest” nor is life guaranteed. Life is a struggle but we humans seem to have gotten too comfortable being comfortable. I’m not a “tree huger” no offense to anyone who is, but we need to step outside of ourselves and our fear in order to enjoy taking a breath each and every morning. To help others to be better then they were today. Isn’t that what everyone of us is looking for?
      Thank you again very kindly for you taking the time. I would LOVE to post about other things that we should be standing up for. This too shall pass and I would love for my kids to be able to go back to enjoying being around other people. Let’s not let our fear take the joy of childhood away. Let’s not forget the many who are isolated and maybe in an abusive home. If I were in a nursing home today, I would love to be able to huge my family without fear…that would be well worth any death rather than living my last few days in isolation. Agree?
      Thank you again!

  2. I am not sure how you helped me but obviously I did not help you enough. If you use the numbers please get them right. When you divide 2 numbers it is NOT a %. Period. You still have 2 too many zeros. When you convert to % you move the decimal place two places to the right or multiply by 100. Try it in Excel. It is fun. Trust the science. Do you put your kids in car seats? Do you wear a seat belt? These are conformity measures to protect you and others. Are you suggesting we should not do them anymore as well. Wearing a mask has been shown to help the spread so why not do it and your part to protect OTHERS such as your children. Given that pre or asymptomatic spread seems to be more prevalent than first thought do it for the greater good if not for yourself even it might help you contracting it by 1% or .001%. If you are around healthcare, then you should know hospitals are overwhelmed that is one statistic that can’t be misconstrued. The US is on the wrong path, History repeats itself which is why it is important and we can learn from it.

  3. Matter of perspective. You see fear. I see someone that is smart enough to understand the science and is caring…. for themselves, their family, and others.

    1. I realize that what you have said IS the reason there are two opposing perspectives regarding this issue and much like religion, politics, or race. We choose not to have open discussion or conform to Groupthink ( that doesn’t make sense for fear we might offend others, fear no one will like us, or worse that our perspective won’t be understood and challenged.
      I have made far more mistakes then I should but I truly also know what is in my heart and the man I’ve become because of choices made that have allowed me to step outside of my perspective to learn from these mistakes. Will we keep living our illusion of controlling our sense of “safe”? We might die tomorrow but it sure WON’T be from this virus. so why act like THIS is our biggest threat?

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