If you can’t take the heat…

I’m under the FIRE and LOVE IT! However, I wish more people would post their thoughts without fear of questioning or judgment. My opinion SHOULD be challenged as that is the point! Everyone of our opinions should be challenged as well.

I’ve received a lot of emails, texts, phone calls, from others who have views different than the ones being presented. Nothing wrong with that but please understand, this is the purpose of the BLOG. To have an open discussion. If I know you personally, it does not change how I feel about you nor would it be the right approach to discussion with the mindset of “proving your perspective wrong”.

It is the opposite, I would rather prove an opposing view right so that I may challenge my own view and grow. Much like in weightlifting, or resistance training, the brain muscle can not stimulate growth if the same stimuli is being presented.

I would have loved to add the research to support the claims above but as I am a father, training for a 100 miler, lift weights, a business owner, and have other responsibilities, as you do as well, I was pressed for time.

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