Direct from the “Experts”!

In no way am I claiming to be an expert on any subject other than perhaps myself and what I’ve overcome. After all, I was there, lived every minute of it and know more about myself than anyone else ever will. But even that is a huge stretch for being an “Expert”. The more time we all spend in our mind the more questions we will have. I am human, I make and will make mistakes, but that will never EVER be an excuse to not give this life my every thing! The only way to do that is to keep on this quest of wisdom and seek knowledge from everyone, everything.

We know Experts are not always right. Furthermore Experts, who use this title often do not want to be questioned. One would reason to think that… A). Being an expert you should want to keep knowing more about your area with further questions from different perspectives. B). Once the title of “Expert” has been internalized, you’ve allowed a cap to your knowledge. Thus closing yourself off – there is nothing more to learn.

So while I know a lot more than most in my areas of interest and work, I will never cast myself an expert in any area because that essentially stops me from learning and seeking all there is to know. By our very nature we are curious and have an intentional thirst for more knowledge.

To help you quench this thirst here is a refreshing taste of direction from the “Experts”! Experts who we shouldn’t question….Enjoy!

BUT WAIT! There is more!

To be continued…..

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  1. P.S. This blog site is NOT just about this virus but come on!!!! When our kids can’t go to school or see their friends, or play in the playgrounds, or we are being kicked out of places because we choose not to ware a mask, and are being told that we might “kill someone by infecting them”. COME ON!?

    Enough is enough!

    1. Thank you very much for your courage in posting your comment! ICD10, as you know, is used by all healthcare workers, its not made up, only the specific parts were highlighted for the purpose of discussion and questioning. YES!I agree that people die or will die! But from what exactly is the real concern. According to WHO, there’s 0.000064% of the population that has “died from COVID” excluding any misdiagnosis or lack of documentation. Furthermore, here are some incentives that present a conflict of interest, Provider Relief Funds. Gov.,Media, EVERYONE can manipulate wording/statistics but the results are the same. YES I VERY MUCH AGREE PEOPLE DIE, but shouldn’t we be more focus on the cases that have survived (0.046% dead of the “confirmed cases”)? Shouldn’t we be studying this Virus rather than not requesting documentation? Shouldn’t we be eliminating all variables by encouraging full autopsies? MOSTLY, shouldn’t we have these discussions as I have realized that both sides are driven from a true sense of caring for each other. I am making choices to be healthy and helping my kids to make healthy choices as this is the only thing we can control. We cannot control how or when we will die but we can choose how to live our life. Thank you again very kindly for your post!

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